The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Deacon Helps Sheila Escape- War's Not Over Yet.
The Bold and The beautiful Spoilers

The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Deacon Helps Sheila Escape- War’s Not Over Yet.

We know Sheila Carter manages to flee from from Il Giardino.

Just a quick question, for someone who faked her own death and with just one toe missing from her leg, why on earth is Sheila not walking around wearing socks or closed shoes?

I mean I have to agree, Sheila has never been this stupid in her entire life but now she’s literally digging her own grave.

But, this spoiler is not about ranting Sheila, it’s about what her next move might be.

Calculating the previous encounter and what’s about to happen later according to the spoilers, it seems Steffy will lose Sheila.

Of course, an official hunt will begin right away, but Sheila may finally panic a little after that.

Last Resort.

Although this crazy woman thinks she’s indestructible, now that Steffy recognized her there’s one of two ways this can go.

Either Sheila will become extremely crazy and start plotting schemes to get what she wanted.

She may think that she has nothing to lose anymore and so she might as well give her all.

Finn seem to have turned against her completely too so she may feel like she needs to destroy Steffy Forrester to get her son back.

Nonetheless, the bottom line is, it is possible for Sheila to finally go ballistic and give it her all.

Perhaps we will see a hostage situation again or another big accident of some kind.

In the same way, there is one more way this storyline can lead to.

It is possible that like what she’s been doing now Sheila’s only option to escape and to ever have any kind of chance is to escape.

So, he may want to get out of town as soon as possible but for that to happen she will need some help.

And the only person who can possibly help her right now is Deacon Sharpe only.

Deacon knows how risky this situation is, so, he may not want to have anything to do with her.

But he also knows that if Sheila gets to escape by some way, he will be safe as well.

Unlike Sheila, Deacon has everything to lose and he can’t give up on the life he is trying to build.

So, for one last time we may see Deacon helping Sheila out.

But it certainly is going to be pretty hard to escape this time.

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