The Bold and The beautiful Spoilers

The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Detectives Find Sheila’s Wig- Deacon Cornered With No Escape.

The Bold and The Beautiful spoilers reveal that Deacon Sharpe did try his best to clean out his apartment after shoving Sheila Carter out of it.

And although they were careful, he might not have been careful enough.

She had a lot of disguises and a lot of wigs lying around.

And something tells us that packing her things in a suitcase was not enough.

Deacon and Sheila are seen at Il Giardino a couple of times, so it is easily possible for someone to remember that for the CCTV footage to give them up at a point.

In that case, it will be easy for Chief Baker to get a search warrant for Deacon’s place, especially because that man is on parole.

So, that being said, it is possible for the detectives to find Sheila’s belonging in the apartment.

Most probably a wig, which will have Deacon in a big predicament.

With no escape, Deacon may give his all and make a run for it.

But with the police right behind, how far will he even make it?

Anyway, the bottom line is that it is possible for Sheila to have left behind some kind of clue that she was there.

It’s Tricky.

Of course, by the time anyone finds anything on Deacon, he may have already fled as well.

He’s made some faux truths about all the funding and trying to buy Il Giardino to make it into his own place stuff.

But only Paul may be the one to really believe in the stories Deacon made.

Although he sounds convincing, it’s just too pretentious, too abrupt to be true

Nonetheless, Deacon is very worried about his connection to the evil madwoman.

And so, Deacon may have to act fast because he may be running out of time.

Now that he’s decided to run away, he better do it fast before someone finds him gone from his place and put the pieces together.

Or before the detectives knock at his door with some evidence that he most certainly can’t deny.

Nonetheless, the walls are seemingly closing on Deacon.

And he will need to find a way to escape or else, prison is not that far for him.

So, do you think Deacon will be handcuffed?

He did sign a two-year contract some time ago, so let’s see what happens with this character.

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