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The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Does Thomas Deserve A Good Guy Tag Now?

As The Bold and The Beautiful fans know, Thomas Forrester was never forgiven for the misdeeds that he committed because of his obsession with Hope Logan. Since he recently helped Hope free Liam Spencer, has he finally proved himself?

Likewise, talking more about the past, Thomas had a traumatic brain injury. And, that caused him to act in an odd way but less cared about him.

Nevertheless, Brooke Logan and Liam were the biggest naysayers. Although Hope felt the same, her feelings changed after seeing Thomas try his best.

Thomas Hated.

If we remember when Vinny Walker had tampered with the paternity test so that Thomas could get Hope. We know, Thomas made it clear to his buddy that he didn’t want to win Hope that way.

However, Vinny didn’t stop at that and ended up killing himself to frame Liam. And, the plan was a halfway success as it did get Liam arrested. But, the suicide video he sent to Thomas was pure evidence to free Liam as well.

In addition, Thomas went to Justin Barber as soon as he found the evidence. But, Justin turned out to have a different motive and captivated him instead. Although it delayed Liam’s freedom, the evidence saved him anyway.

After a while, Hope noticed Thomas had gone missing right after promising her to be by her side always. And realizing Justin was acting suspicious, she spied him and found Thomas’s whereabouts.

Likewise, Hope rescued Thomas and the two went to Deputy Chief Bradley Baker. Moreover, they stopped Liam from getting transferred to the big boy prison at the right time.

Thomas Is Good?

Although many fans might disagree, others consider Liam as more of a protagonist. Meanwhile, Thomas has been the antagonist. So, does saving the hero make Thomas a good guy?

Nevertheless, Thomas kept his selfishness aside and let Hope reunite with Liam. So, we can at least give him the credit that he has changed. And, it’s also time the Hope and Thomas arc ends here.

Moreover, do you wanna see Thomas’s storyline start with someone else? Comment down below to let us know your thoughts.

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