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The Bold and The beautiful Spoilers

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Donna Pleases Eric – Paris Fantasizes Carter.

As The Bold and The Beautiful fans know, Eric Forrester has bestowed his blessings over Quinn Fuller and Carter Walton to pleasure each other. Although the two have been holding, they might not be able to keep it for much longer.

Also, Paris Buckingham will have a hard time fighting her feelings for John Finnegan. But before we dive deeper, do you think Paris will end up stealing Finn from Steffy Forrester any way? Let us know your thoughts down in the comment section.

Quarter And Deric.

Starting the spoilers with Quinn and Carter, the two have a follow-up meeting right after Eric makes his announcement. And, they could reconsider Eric’s permission although they declined it at first.

Nonetheless, we all knew Quarter couldn’t fight getting pulled towards each other for much longer. Moreover, Quinn will be alone with Carter at his loft. And, the tension will build up to a point that it explodes.

Likewise, Quinn and Carter will give up resisting the temptation. And, they will be back to their hot steamy romance.

Meanwhile, Donna Logan has only been dreaming of being with Eric. And, she could soon make moves to be with her ex-husband.

Although Donna will try everything to get Eric, Quinn could prove as an obstacle. Moreover, Quinn will be fine sleeping with Carter but won’t let Eric enjoy what Donna provides him.

Nevertheless, Eric and Quinn’s relationship might never turn back to normal. Eric already feels complicated enough after everything Quinn has done in the past. So, her sleeping with Carter could only make matters worse.

Well, it’s Eric who made it legal so we can’t blame Quinn either.

Paris’ Dilemma.

On the other hand, Paris will fantasize Finn treating her the same way he treats Steffy. And, she could zone out for a moment imagining Finn being her husband instead.

However, Paris won’t be proud of it as she’s betraying her own boss. Also, she will snap out of her fantasies and start differentiating right and wrong. Still, she is bound to have a hard time fighting her feelings for Finn.

Likewise, Finn will be appreciative of Paris for understanding him in his time of need. Talking about which, he could still be upset after abandoning his birth mom, Sheila Carter.

Nonetheless, Finn and Steffy still have some obstacles coming towards them. So, the two better watch out as Sheila won’t sit still.

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