The Bold and The beautiful Spoilers

The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Douglas In Danger- Someone Ties and Locks Doug In A Room.

As seen in the preview for upcoming episodes, we saw Douglas Forrester asking his father to admit what he’s done wrong.

Which means, the little kid knows about the CPS call and that it was made by his own father to frame Brooke Logan.

But Thomas Forrester is not going to give up so easily.

He wants to see his parents get married, and until and unless Taylor Hayes and Ridge Forrester get married and go for their honeymoon, Thomas is not going to stay still.

We have seen Thomas harming his son back when he was obsessed with Hope Logan.

So we are sure he will do it again.

Only this time, what he does to Douglas may be very traumatic and hurtful and not to mention evil.

Thomas is going to be mad and his anger will keep on throwing towards his son given the voice changer app.

But Douglas is no fool, he knows what’s wrong and what’s not.

Hence, Douglas may ake a threat to reveal it to everyone if Thomas won’t admit it.

So, Thomas may feel like he has no other choice than to just threaten Douglas into obeying him.

He warns Douglas that Tridge’s wedding needs to be very smooth sailing.

But with Douglas as a threat, Thomas is certain to be anxious.

And hence, he may take a drastic measure.

Bad News.

We might see Thomas claiming to everyone that Douglas feels a little out of the weather or that he had to go to his friend’s house for a party or something.

And so that Douglas doesn’t ruin Thomas’ plan, he may lock Douglas in a room and tie him up as well.

However, Thomas certainly can’t think he will get away with it right?

I mean one ways or the other someone will find Douglas.

And when they do, he will have a lot of explanations to do.

Hope Logan is certainly not going to bear this, he not only did frame her mother but also harmed their son like that.

He may or may not kidnap Douglas in such a way, though, we have no idea.

But regardless of the circumstances, Douglas will face some difficult threats from his father.

So, let us know what you think about the situation down in the comments section.

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