bold and the beautiful spoilers
The Bold and The beautiful Spoilers

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Eric’s As Evil As Quinn.

Eric Forrester has been somewhat of a good man over the years. And he’s tried to help Quinn Fuller overcome her sinister behaviors which he might have failed at.

Anyway so, The Bold and The Beautiful spoilers reveal that Eric has come up with a perfect plan to trash Quinn and Carter Walton.

Eric has had enough of Quinn’s deceptions. Likewise, he knows that their marriage wasn’t always all so bad. But he also can’t figure out if Quinn ever really cared.

However, Quinn isn’t the only villain this time. His close pal Carter Walton betrayed him as well. And Eric’s wrath is totally understandable.

Eric’s Ultimate Revenge.

Before, that I find it weird how fans are so into Quarter than they were ever into Queric. But if you look at it, it makes sense as well.

Just let me know down in the comments about this thing.

Okay so, moving on, Eric’s been alone in front of Quinn’s portrait in the mantle multiple of times. But this time, he does something he’s never done.

Not cry in front of the picture and give it to Carter! Seems unlike Eric.

His next step will be asking Carter to represent him in the court. Yes, while he divorces Quinn. It’s so wild.

Now Carter has two options, chew his pride and support Eric, or leave Forrester Creations. But if he leaves his only source of livelihood, what is he supposed to do?

It’s not that Carter can’t find a job elsewhere, he can, he is such a good attorney. But it’s the fact that Eric is well connected and he will make sure that Carter falls to his knees.

Everything aside, Eric is furious and we know he will do whatever he can to make Quinn regret her decisions.

But what’s more funny is that, Quinn and Carter will eventually get back together. So Eric is like getting no where?

And it seems pretty unlikely for this couple to ever get back together again. This means, Quinn will find in her heart to turn against Eric and help Carter.

The only thing common between Carter and Eric as of now is they both know how enchanting Quinn’s eyes are and how she smittens them.

Safe to say, this fight is going to be a watch that’s worth it. Quinn mostly gets the upper hand, but a heartbroken man’s revenge always wins.

Which team are you on?

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