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The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Eric’s Conditions Can’t Stop Carter From Loving Quinn?

As The Bold and The Beautiful fans know, Brooke Logan destroyed Quinn Forrester’s vow renewal ceremony with Eric Forrester. Although Eric forgave all of Quinn’s past mistakes, this one was different and he didn’t think even twice.

Eric Keeps Carter.

Likewise, Quinn doesn’t have a husband to love her nor a place she can call home. But, the spoilers suggest Carter Walton will soon give her both of them.

As we know, Eric kicked Quinn out of the mansion and announced that he will be divorcing her. Before Quinn could ask Carter to present her in court, Eric demanded Carter do so for him.

In addition, Eric didn’t do worse to Carter as he did to Quinn but it doesn’t mean he let him slip. Moreover, he gave him certain conditions that won’t allow him to meet or have any connection with Quinn.

Even after submitting Eric a resignation letter, Carter wasn’t fired. And, it seems like Eric needs him but will Carter be a good boy?

Carter Proposes Quinn?

Nevertheless, Carter also is a heartbroken man as Zoe Buckingham dumped him and left the town. And, he needs someone to hold him, so Quinn will be his first choice.

Meanwhile, Quinn is just signatures away from being a free lady. So, the two will be perfect for each other. Moreover, they will be something they never knew they needed so much.

With Eric’s given condition, Carter might hold on for a bit but he is soon to give up on that. And, he will fall into bed with Quinn. Also, if the two feel their connection getting stronger, Carter might propose Quinn marry him.

Likewise, Quarter can once again become a red-hot couple of the show. Well, about the consequences, why will they even care. They didn’t hesitate to put their marriage on the line, so why would they care about a pesky job.

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