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The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Eric’s Never-Ending Anger Over Quinn And Carter.

As The Bold and The Beautiful fans know Brooke Logan destroyed Quinn Forrester’s life. Moreover, she revealed that Quinn was the woman who had slept with Carter Walton.

Likewise, the spoilers suggest that Eric Forrester is already starting to cut ties with Quinn Forrester. And, the first thing he did is remove her portrait from the Forrester mansion’s living room.

Meanwhile, Eric gives Carter a difficult choice to work in Forrester Creations or choose to be with Quinn. Nevertheless, it doesn’t seem like Carter will get out of this easily.

Classic Eric.

Starting with Quinn’s relationship with Eric, we know how Quinn made her way up. Moreover, she transformed from a casino server from Las Vegas to Eric’s wife.

Nevertheless, we can blame Quinn and Eric’s difference in personalities for how they ended. Also, the two made an odd couple dynamic and Quinn stayed strong despite being disliked.

However, Eric got heartbroken finding out his wife cheated with someone who was loyal to him. And, the spoilers suggest Eric will be handing the portrait to Quinn.

Oh, that will be a really exciting scene to watch.

What do you think will Carter’s reaction be like? Comment down below to let us know your thoughts.

Carter Chooses Quinn?

On the other hand, Carter assumed his job at the company was also doomed. But, Eric surprised him as he didn’t accept the resignation letter. Also, Eric thinks Carter is really important to the company so that justifies why he isn’t letting him quit.

However, it doesn’t mean Eric isn’t mad at Carter. And, the spoilers suggest Eric will make Carter represent him during his divorce case. We can’t get enough of Eric and his anger, can we?

Likewise, Carter will be in a huge dilemma but can he betray Quinn?

Since Zoe Buckingham dumped Carter, he doesn’t have anyone. Like Quinn needs someone, he does too. So, will he choose Quinn and leave the company anyway?

Also, we will have to wait and watch what Eric does if Carter leaves despite denying his letter.

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