bold and the beautiful spoilers
The Bold and The beautiful Spoilers

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Eric’s New Partner And Quinn’s Payback.

The Bold and The Beautiful spoilers say that Brooke Logan most likely will rue the day she declared war on Quinn Forrester. Oh, it’s Fuller again.

Anyway so, Quinn is now packing her silverware as she packs her clothes. As they say, payback’s a bitch.

But their payback just never seem to stop. Quinn revealed Bill Spencer and Brooke Logan’s lip lock in an important day. Now, Brooke intends to do the same. However, Brooke also believes that she is doing the right thing.

Quinn is just hindrance to Eric. And it won’t take long for Quinn and Carter to get back again.

Definitely lesser time than it got people to realize Thomas Forrester was missing. So, what will Eric do to fill his Quinn Sized hole in his heart?

We’ve gathered some possibilities that Eric might turn to.

Eric’s New Love Life.

Wait wait, this is the interesting part. So, before proceeding, pop this corn for me while I pour the wine. Alright so, let’s talk about Honey Bear, Eric.

We certainly see Donna Logan coming to fill in some spot for Eric and be a friend in need. However, she will definitely not be back together with Eric.

And what better way to just hone Ridge Forrester’s wife Brooke in? Bridge forever or whatever, Brooke might not leave a chance to Honey Bearing her sister’s husband or ex-husband. She’s literally built for that.

But let me tell you what makes totally sense. Eric has an eye for someone else. He will find out Shauna Fulton interesting I guess or he’s just looking for another payback.

You know what? Payback certainly is a bitch and this time not in a good way. I mean just look, Justin Barber is looking for payback. Similarly, Brooke gave her payback and now Carter Walton and Quinn will come down for payback again.

The writers have way too much time in hand I guess.

Shauna and Eric’s Romance.

Let me tell you honne, this Honey Bear (I will stop saying it I swear) has eyes Shauna Fulton, Quinn’s BFF for his new girlfriend. Or maybe even wife.

This is the perfect time because Wyatt Spencer and Flo Fulton’s wedding is almost near. So some kind of drift here is necessary.

And not to mention that Quinn will go crazy and she might turn herself back to the sinister one woman she was. Things are getting spicy people.

So well, give your thoughts down in the comments.

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