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The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Eric’s Plan Backfired- Justin’s Manipulation On Spot.

There is just so much going on in The Bold and The Beautiful currently. The Vinny Walker’s suicide, Justin Barber’s betrayal, Quinn Fuller’s betrayal. So much to sink in.

Moving on, in today’s spoilers, we will get to see the forbidden romance taking place. Likewise, Thomas Forrester’s bombing in Justin’s betrayal to Bill Spencer, Wyatt Spencer, and Katie Logan.

So, it’s said that Bill now trusts Thomas which it felt like he would never. Furthermore, after learning the truth, Bill feels hazed. However, it’s only a matter of time before Bill banishes Justin.

But Justin was so dear to him, so after this, he will be in some sort of pain for quite a while. And until then, Justin will try his hardest to rise up and destroy Bill, once again.

The Perfect Trap?

Meanwhile, as Justin licks his wounds he creates a strategy. He wants Ridge Forrester’s support. An allegiance with Bill’s rival would be perfect right now. But Ridge certainly isn’t someone to forget.

He can’t let someone who took him down before and then again kidnapped his son and tortured him be his partners. That would just be awful.

So, you may or may have not guessed it by now, but Justin will come up with the perfect plan to lure Ridge in. I personally want Justin to come back to his senses fast and Bill too forgives his old pal and right-hand man.

They were a pretty good duo.

Is that only me? Or do you guys too like their partnership? Maybe some of you like how evil Justin has become. Just let me know down in the comments.

On the other note, we have Quinn and Carter Walton’s romance. After hearing how Carter wasn’t fired or anything, she can’t be more than relieved. But as soon as Carter tells her the condition, she’s found aloof.

Anyway, but Quinn will also understand Eric’s action. But, she certainly won’t like it and she doesn’t want to stop meeting Carter.

Moving on, The Bold and The Beautiful spoilers reveal that soon, Carter will break the only rule. It looks like Eric’s plan is failing.

He wanted Carter to represent him during the divorce procedure. And maybe make things awkward between Quinn and Carter. But it seems to have backfired and now the two cheaters will soon be found in the sheets again.

Talk about Karma for B&B nation.

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