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The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Fans Troll Hope And Liam’s Reunion And It’s Hilarious!

The Bold and The Beautiful spoilers suggest that Liam Spencer will be a free man soon. And, Hope Logan can be relieved that she didn’t have to wait for almost a decade to meet him.

However, it seems like the fans have all the required ingredients to start making memes on Lope now.

Liam Learns The Truth.

Before that, what do you think about Lope and their reunion? Comment down below to let us know your thoughts.

As the fans know, Liam believed he was the one to kill Vinny Walker with Bill Spencer’s car. However, Hope explains that it was Vinny who threw himself and it was not Liam’s fault.

Although Liam feels a sense of happiness, he will be sad that Vinny did something like that. Also, he has always been skeptical of Thomas Forrester even though he said he had changed a million times.

Nevertheless, Hope also tells him Thomas was the one who saved him and Bill. Therefore, Liam can finally trust Thomas and this could also be the beginning of a great friendship.

Fans’ Ridiculous Tweets.

On the other hand, fans can’t stop trolling Lope’s reunion.

One diehard fan with username @stxffyforrester and profile name “broke logan hater” also made a hilarious meme. The meme contains the fans asking “so how many lope reunions are we on this year?”And, the casts say two hundred thousand! (https://twitter.com/stxffyforrester/status/1414323932874919936)

Likewise, another fan mentioned that Hope and Liam would never stop their reunion. Moreover, it tells us that the show will keep on reuniting them forever. (https://twitter.com/girl_gonerad/status/1414252638602989569)

Meanwhile, another fan also mentioned how Hope chasing the vehicle Liam was being moved in was too dramatic. Also, they even added a GIF that showed how dramatic they found it. (https://twitter.com/Saturday__Love3/status/1414645018602639366)

Anyway, the fans can’t fathom how Lope’s reunion has got more screentime than Eric and Quinn Forrester’s breakup. Or, Zoe Buckingham dumping Carter Walton and leaving the town.

Also, Eric is slowly chipping away Carter’s sanity by putting him in difficult situations. So, it will be really exciting to see what Carter chooses between Quinn or his job at Forrester Creations.

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