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The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Finn Asks For The Wedding Ring Back – Find Out Why!

As The Bold and The Beautiful fans know, Steffy Forrester and John Finnegan recently gave birth to Hayes. And, it’s been a really long time since the two have been together. So, are they finally getting married?

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Together And Strong.

Now, getting onto it, we can say that Steffy and Finn have got through many tough times together. Back when the two first met, Steffy got in an accident with Bill Spencer’s car who admitted her to a hospital.

Likewise, Steffy met Dr. Finn. who supported her during her hardest times.

In addition, Finn also stood aside Steffy when she was drug-addicted. Also, we can’t forget about the paternity drama. And, Finn didn’t leave Steffy even when Vinny Walker tampered with the test and showed Liam was the father.

However, it turned out to be fake which made the couple really happy.

Nevertheless, Finn’s parents, Jack and Li Finnegan recently arrived in the town to celebrate their grandchild’s birth. But, they too turned out to be an obstacle for Finn as Li didn’t like Steffy.

Moreover, Finn made it clear to his parents that they better leave his house or treat Steffy better.

Get The Ring Back?

Meanwhile, when Finn and Steffy got engaged, he gave his mother’s engagement ring to her. And, it also was his family’s heirloom but it seems like he will be taking it back.

Wait, it’s not bad news guys, it’s because Finn wants to do it properly again. However, it might be a little weird and hard to ask for the ring back.

Likewise, Finn believes his parents seeing the family heirloom with someone they haven’t met properly could be weird. So, he wants to get the ring and propose to Steffy in front of them.

Nevertheless, the fans can have high hopes for Steffy and Finn’s relationship.

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