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The Bold and The beautiful Spoilers

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Finn Despises Liam And Doesn’t Welcome Him?

The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers for the upcoming week reveal some shocking news. Moreover, it seems like John Finnegan won’t let Liam Spencer who recently got out of prison, meet baby Hayes.

So, let’s look at the things starting from where they will lead their way up to there!

Thanks To Thomas.

Firstly, Hope Logan finds Thomas Forrester’s whereabouts by spying on Justin Barber. Likewise, she frees Thomas from the cage and they go to the police station.

Although Justin had deleted the video evidence, Thomas gets them back through cloud storage. And, after insisting Deputy Chief Bradley Baker watch it for a while, he finally looks at the video.

Likewise, it proves Liam is innocent and Vinny Walker had thrown himself in front of the car. So, Lope reunites again after many struggles.

On the other hand, Bill Spencer hears Justin had taken over the throne at Spencer Publications. Also, he learns how Justin didn’t even move a finger to try freeing Bill from prison.

So, Bill will be enraged by the shocking news. Also, we can expect Bill and Justin to confront each other and throw punches.

Playing With Fire.

In addition, the spoilers suggest Justin will approach Ridge Forrester. And, he will ask him to team up to destroy Bill. However, we can’t forget it was Ridge’s son, Thomas, he had captivated.

So, it’s gonna be really exciting to see what Ridge might do. It will be stunning if Ridge destroys him instead.

As we know, Steffy Forrester recently gave birth to baby Hayes. So, Hope and Liam might pay a visit to the baby. But, Finn will tell Liam that he doesn’t want him here.

Likewise, Steffy could be disappointed if she finds out what her husband did.

Nevertheless, we can’t forget about the whole Quarter thing.

Quarter’s Next Move.

As we know, Brooke Logan revealed Quinn Forrester and Carter Walton’s secret. And, it destroyed both their relationships with Eric Forrester and Zoe Buckingham respectively.

Therefore, Eric will be heartbroken knowing Quinn was only sorry because she got caught.

Meanwhile, Quinn and Carter will get back to bed together as there’s no guilt stopping them now. Also, it seems like Quinn might get taking her relationship with Carter to another level.

What are you most excited about? Let us know down in the comment section.

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