bold and the beautiful spoilers
The Bold and The beautiful Spoilers

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Finn’s Parents Arrive – Brooke Reveals The Truth?

The Bold and The Beautiful spoilers suggest some shocking events will be taking place. And, it seems like new casts will join in the upcoming episodes for new characters.

Before we dive deeper, do you know who those casts maybe? Let us know your guesses down in the comment section.

Now, getting into the spoilers, Steffy Forrester is finally going to deliver the baby. So, it will be a big day for John Finnegan who will also be inviting his parents to come to the town.

So, Finn’s dad and mom are the new characters the fans will get to see really soon. Moreover, Naomi Matsuda will play Finn’s mother, Li. And, Ted King will be cast as Finn’s father.

Brooke Annihilates Quinn?

Nevertheless, it seems like a huge secret reveal will take place at Forrester Creations.

As many fans are aware Quinn Forrester was the woman sleeping on Carter Walton’s bed. However, Carter lied to Zoe Buckingham it was Shauna Fulton. And, it did help to mitigate the damage as Quinn saved her relationship with her husband, Eric Forrester.

But, it seems like the secret is coming out no matter what. Firstly, Paris Buckingham overheard the truth in the office. After that, Quinn begged her not to reveal it, and let’s say Paris did keep quiet.

However, Brooke Logan overheard it again and we know she has a huge grudge against Quinn. As we know, Quinn was the one who destroyed Brooke’s relationship with Ridge Forrester by revealing her affair with Bill Spencer.

Likewise, Quinn asked Eric to hold a vow renewal ceremony to prove she is devoted to him. Although Eric was on cloud nine, it seems like Brooke will arrive and destroy Quinn by revealing the truth.

Also, Carter and Zoe will be present at the ceremony. So, it will be really interesting to see how the two react.

Wyatt The Savior?

Nevertheless, Wyatt Spencer had already been skeptical about Vinny Walker getting run over by the only Bill Spencer’s car all across Los Angeles. And since Thomas Forrester is being held captive by Justin Barber and is missing, Wyatt might find more clues.

Also, Wyatt could be the only person to save Thomas as well as the Spencer boys from the prison.

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