The Bold and The beautiful Spoilers

The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Finn’s Trap For Sheila Gone Wrong.

John Finnegan needs to protect his family from Sheila Carter at any cost.

Although we don’t see much of him on the show, and he doesn’t really express his feelings quite much. We’ve come to the realization that he kind of blames himself for what happened.

The night at the alley was a tragic event, and Sheila is the only one to be blamed for it.

But Finn is even more determined to take his biological mom down. Because he feels a little entitled to whatever occursed.

Hence, in a desperate measure, he may do something stupid.

It’s very hard to locate Sheila now, especially after Steffy Forrester saw her at Il Giardino.

No one has any idea where she is, and the only way she’s going to show her face is if Finn forgets all of the beef and extends an olive branch.

After all, she’s been obsessed with her son and grandson, she’ll be stupid enough to take the bait if Finn gives one.

Nonetheless, Finn might make a small mistake and lead Sheila on.

He may find a way to contact her.

Finn’s Last Resort.

Deacon Sharpe is the only person who has Sheila’s contact information, so it will be hard to find out if Sheila’s even got a phone for now or not.

But during that time, he got to know her before everything went downhill.

He did get to have some time to know his mom. And hence, Finn knows that Sheila likes to be on the internet.

For his plan to be successful, Finn might not want his family members involved so he may as well act like he’s really forgiven Sheila for real.

His next step may be finding Sheila and leaving tweets and whatever else he can to find her.

Sheila’s certainly going to want to know if Finn really wants to be with her. I mean she’s stupid enough to walk around on sandals.

But, by some means, Sheila will figure out that she’s been deceived, maybe before or after meeting with Finn.

And when she does, she’s going to be harsher than ever; Finn may finally see to what length his evil mom can go.

And it’s possible that she harms Hayes Finnegan in the process, along with Steffy, leaving Finn to grieve for more than he can take.

What do you think will Sheila do?

Let us know your thoughts down in the comments section.

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