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The Bold and The beautiful Spoilers

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers For The Week of July 12.

The coming week is filed with face off’s, devastation, maybe realizations and hopefully some kind of forgiveness.

Let’s see what else we will be facing with in the coming week of The Bold and The Beautiful. First thin’s first, Liam Spencer might get a little too more than just shocked. Obviously, to find out who saved him and Dollar Bill.

Thomas Forrester’s first priority is rushing to the prison to free the Spencer men. We wonder what he’s gonna do first. Reveal the truth or shower.

But since Bill practically hates Thomas, he will not listen to the man. Elsewhere, Hope Logan tries her best to speak to Deputy Chief Baker. Thankfully, they’ll find the evidence.

Meanwhile, Eric Forrester makes a condition and if followed only will Carter Walton be able to keep his job, He’ll ask Carter to never even talk to Quinn anymore, and he excepts.

However, he’ll soon make his way to Quinn and talks about the employment situation. But I bet they can’t go much long without keeping their hands on one another.

Eric is just heartbroken, he’s still gazing Quinn’s picture in the fireplace crying.


Liam and Hope have been separated for quite some time. And so has Thomas from everyone. So, this is going to be a wonderful time. Thomas will get to see his son Douglas Forrester.

And Liam and Hope can share a warm hug. And both Hope and Liam will be eternally grateful of Thomas and… the bump on his head.

Things are getting a little too good to be true again. But eh who cares, let’s just wait for another bump in the road while Thomas’ head bump settles and things turn upside down.

Anyway so, Bill is reunited with his lawyer Justin Barber, lol. Alright, so a confrontation takes place and Bill is furious.

Justin tells Bill that his deeds are as bad as Bill’s dirty works over the years. But all Bill does is fire Justin.

And utterly furious Justin makes his way to the Forrester Creations. He’ll try to seal a deal to Ridge Forrester which is very tempting.

But will Ridge extent hands to collaborate with the man who nearly executed his son?

Only time can tell.

Until then, let us know down in the comments what you expect for the upcoming episodes. Your opinions matter the most to us.

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