The Bold and The beautiful Spoilers

The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers For Two Weeks: Ridge Banishes Thomas- Sheila’s Tricky Move- Katie’s Disturbing Confession.

The Bold and The Beautiful spoilers for the coming two weeks have a lot in store for us.

Sheila Carter remains in the run while Deacon Sharpe’s worries only increase.

Not to mention John Finnegan will become more and more stressed due to his birth mother.

So let’s see what we have in store for the coming two weeks.

For The Week Of Dec 19-23.

In the first week, Sheila will be seen in a fierce car chase with the police.

She thought she had escaped, but they seem to locate her with no trouble.

But it’s an unsaid rule that the evil mad woman has to be more in luck than her captors for now.

In the same way, Steffy Forrester will have some kind of confession to make to Deputy Chief Baker, so it must be something about Sheila.

For a while, since there’s nothing anyone can do whatsoever, we will witness everyone gathering together to forget their sorrows and get in festive mode.

While Sinn has their intimate moment, Brooke Logan will fill in Katie Logan about her decision.

Just like us though, Katie will doubt if Brooke really over Ridge or not.

Katie will also explain what’s keeping her up at night and it may probably be about her own health problems.

She worries that Will Spencer will be left alone if anything ever happens to her.

On the last day of the week, we will see a beautiful and awkward Christmas with all of the members present.

For The Week Of Dec 26-30.

Continuing what was left behind, Taylor and Brooke will deepen their friendship as they discover how similar they are to one another.

In the same way, Thomas will finally pay the price for his crime of calling CPS and faking Brooke’s voice.

So this might have something to do with Ridge firing Thomas and asking him to leave the family as well.

Ridge might not want to make amends with his son whatsoever. And he may hold Tom responsible for Brooke and Taylor’s decision too.

Steffy and Finn are supposed to face something big so it may certainly have to do something with Sheila.

Lastly, Hope Logan may find herself in a custody battle with Tom for Douglas Forrester.

So, stay tuned to see what happens next.

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