The Bold and The beautiful Spoilers

The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Grace Brings Zoe’s Son Back- What’s That For Carter and Katie?

It is possible that Grace Buckingham will bring her older daughter Zoe Buckingham back on the show.

We haven’t seen Zoe for quite a while now.

She left town and went to Paris after finding out that her fiance had been cheating on her with Quinn Fuller.

In full fairness, it seems Carter would have never cheated on Zoe if she had not waffled around Zende Forrester so much herself.

Regardless, after the truth about Carter and Quinn came to light, Zoe left and has not been seen again.

After that, Grace Buckingham, Paris Buckingham and Zoe’s mom showed up in town and pushed Paris to be with Zende when her heart was never with him.

Paris always wanted Carter, and sadly Carter never liked her so much as to be with her forever.

Grace’s Chaos.

Regardless, Grace was always adamant that Carter was never the one for Paris, so now that her point’s proven, she may try to push Paris and Zende again.

Given that, she may as well become even more enraged with Carter because, just a while ago, he left her daughter at the alter for another woman.

And now he is with some other woman.

So, she may try to ruin what Carter has by bringing Zoe Buckingham in the picture.

When Grace came to town we definitely did not know what to expect.

And as time passed by, we knew she was yet another soap mom, who likes to butt in on her daughter’s life.

Try to control the situation as much as in her power, but not a schemer.

Now that they show is bringing her back, perhaps the writers will show the scheming part of her.

With Quinn gone, we are in need of a scheming mom in the soap, although no one can ever replace Rena Sofer from the viewers’ hearts.

Might it be possible for grace to bring a child into the mix and claim that it is Carter’s?

I mean if she says Zoe did not say anything because she was and still is heartbroken.

When in reality, it can always be that the child is not Carter’s or even Zoe’s; Grace just borrowed him from an acting academy.

She may want Paris to know that she can’t think about Carter in any way anymore.

So, let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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