The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Hayes Goes Missing- The Kidnapper's Not Who You Think She Is.
The Bold and The beautiful Spoilers

The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Hayes Goes Missing- The Kidnapper’s Not Who You Think She Is.

Sheila Carter is on the run or so it seems after she practically stormed off from Deacon Sharpe’s apartment.

So much has happened after that incident, for instance, Steffy Forrester and John Finnegan found out the truth about that evil mad woman.

And then Deacon evewbn got a visit form the two of them for some inquiry.

Now the next step definitely is informing everyone and when that happens, Thomas Forrester’s evil deeds won’t seem that bad.

But with all the distractions going around, Thomas will definitely find himself some opportunity to get revenge for his ruined victory.

If it were not for Steffy then their parents would be on their honeymoon right now and everything would be perfect.

He definitely has some build-up rage against Steffy.

So, it goes without saying that he may take full advantage of the coming ordeal.


Wicked Games.

Now that Sheila’s deceive is out on the open, he knows what she’s most obsessed of.

Everyone knows she wants to have a relationship with her son and grandson so, Hayes Finnegan makes the easier target for her to snatch away.

If Hayes gets lost or is abducted, or even if anything happens to him, right now, Sheila is the one who I going to get blamed for all of this.

So, it’s going to be pretty easy for Thomas to hold Hayes hostage and let Steffy worry and believe it’;s Sheila’s deeds.

But for some reason, the kid being in Thomas’ captivity is scarier than being with Sheila.

I honestly think Thomas wouldn’t even feed the kid well enough;.

Nonetheless, while everyone I distracted by Sheila’s news, he may teal his sister’s baby to give her pain.

Now what his true motives are remains unknown because he never likes to think about the consequences or far enough to even resort to some kind of conclusion.

But we’re certain if Thomas pulls any kind of sick trick like this, he is going to suffer a lot.

He certainly won’t take the kid thinking he will return it ti Steffy when he;s seen her cryu enough.

So what might his motive be?

Selling the kid illegally perhaps?

Or maybe he plans on making sure that the kid does not breathe for a long while.

You know Thomas may b e diabolical but I find it a little hard to believe he’d go to such extents as to even selling his nephew.

What do you think?

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