Bold and the beautiful spoilers
The Bold and The beautiful Spoilers

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Hero Thomas Saves Liam.

Things are getting heated up between Liam Spencer’s case and Eric Forrester’s mind. Starting with the prison case, Hope Logan will successfully free Thomas Forrester.

And without any thoughts, the two people rush towards the prison to give out evidence. But the core evidence is in Thomas’ cell phone. And Justin has it still.

There’s no clue other than Hope and Thomas’s verbal vouch. So, Deputy Chief Bradley Baker will ask them for the evidence.

Meanwhile, Eric is in a furious state of mind still. However, he can’t let Carter Walton leave his company. So, he’ll have some other plans to show Carter where he belongs.

Hope Puts A Scene.

You guys know that Deputy Chief Baker is about to throw Liam into the highly guarded prison. And even if they find the evidence it will be hard to get Liam out if that happens.

So, Hope is supposed to put on some kind of scene until Thomas and the officer find evidence. It will most likely work as well.

Furthermore, Bill Spencer is shocked to see Thomas’s explanation about the truth. He might even refuse to believe that Justin Barber, his most trusted aid would do something like that to him.

But he’s got no choice.

The Bold and The Beautiful spoilers reveal that Liam’s  innocence will be proven and Bill and Liam will celebrate their release.

Bill will be having some laughs with Katie Logan but soon a showdown with Justin is to come.

Elsewhere, Liam can’t be more thankful and grateful of the man who saved his life. If not life at least some solid years or decade in prison cell deprived of his family and the world.

Thomas is a hero for Hope, Liam and even Bill but Bill certainly won’t acknowledge that.

Back with Quarter, Carter will explain everything that he discussed with Eric to Quinn. Although he’s told to stay away from Quinn, he’s already breaking a rule.

But the two of them will have sizzling chemistry going on. At this point they might even just be talking about onions and they’ll want to sleep with one another.

But, anyway, the spoilers suggest even though Quarter will deny their feeling for a certain time, they’ll eventually give up.

And we can just guess what is to come after they end up in the sheets in a steamy night again.

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