The Bold and The beautiful Spoilers

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Hope Aids Thomas To Fix His Relationship With Douglas.

Certainly, The Bold and The Beautiful’s Thomas Forrester has messed up big time in his relationship with Douglas Forrester.

Because finding out his own father was an evil maniac was the worst feeling Douglas ever had to face.

Nevertheless, Thomas wants to make things better between himself and the kid.

And, spoilers suggest Thomas will soon have to take advice from Hope Logan to mend his father-son bond with Douglas.

So before we dive deeper, do you think Thomas can make it up for all his recent evil doings?

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Thomas Wants Forgiveness.

As we know, the CPS scheme exposure has taken everything away from Thomas that he didn’t deserve.

Because above all, the guy has always been manipulative and turned everything he touched to ashes.

Nonetheless, Thomas regrets doing those things to his own son and wants things to be the way they were.

But as Douglas is disappointed in his dad, that won’t be happening anytime soon.

Not to mention, Thomas still isn’t taking responsibility for his actions.

Instead, he is just making more excuses and blaming others for turning him evil.

However, he also can’t just let things be because Douglas will stray further away as time passes.

Hence, fans can soon expect an emotional moment between Thomas and Douglas.

And, Thomas will also make sure to deliver a heartfelt apology to his son and for everything else.

Hope Helps Thomas.

Meanwhile, the guy might also realize his mistakes and confide in Hope.

Speaking of which, we all know Hope is someone who always tries to see the best in others.

So, she could also try to fix things between Thomas and Douglas by suggesting a few things.

For instance, Hope might let Thomas know that Douglas should be the one to take the lead this time.

And most importantly, Thomas must respect Douglas’ boundaries.

Otherwise, he may only push Douglas further away.

Also, let’s not forget Douglas is a small kid, and he surely can’t hold a grudge against his own father for too long.

So, fans can expect an awkward reunion between the two anytime.

Despite Thomas’ evil history, it could be a beautiful moment to see when he and Douglas heal together.

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