The Bold and The beautiful Spoilers

The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Hope Assures Mom’s Future- Deacon Saves Sheila Again.

The Bold and The Beautiful spoilers for Tuesday, December 13 reveal that Deacon Sharpe will get involved in a risky move.

While Hope Logan will have some words to share with her confused mother, Brooke Logan.

For starters, Deacon and Sheila Carter have gone their own different ways now.

But he still has big threats of getting caught.

In the recent episode, we saw Deacon going to check the CCTV footage from Il Giardino.

Hence, he may manipulate the footage and delete it.

But, it will be very suspicious so he may use another tactic.

Maybe Deacon will replace the footage with that of the previous one and help Sheila this time, and himself, of course.

He may make it seem like Steffy was only getting a flashback which made her see things.

And Deputy Chief Bradley Baker may agree to it.

But Steffy will be adamant that she saw Sheila and she did not mistake her for certain.

So, hopefully, Lt. Baker will still try and look out for the culprit.

Sheila is on the run for now and Deacon’s safe too, but how long until all of it goes down the drain and the two of them get caught?

Destiny’s End.

In the meantime, while Deacon’s busy hiding the tracks of his criminal lover.

Brooke will be uncertain about her future.

So, Hope will ask her mother to be positive and not give up on her romantic future so easily.

She may want Brooke to know that if not Ridge, there are other people who will always be happy to be with her.

Indicating that Deacon is still there waiting for her.

And since Brooke wants Ridge Forrester to fully commit to her, she knows in her heart that it’s like almost impossible.

Hence, Brooke may think that everything she ever wanted is coming to an end, everything she ever loved is not here anymore and she feels lost.

So, Hope will try her best to cheer her mother up.

Hope will assure Brooke that Ridge will choose her because he always does.

After all, they’re each other’s destinies.

But if Hope starts having faith in Deacon and Brooke’s future, then she is going to fall down very badly.

Anyway, let us know what you think about the situation down in the comments section.

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