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The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Hope Can’t Trust Liam Again – She Loves Thomas?

As every soap fan knows, soaps are dramatic and they never move smoothly.

The Bold and The Beautiful’s Liam Spencer and Hope Logan recently reunited and think they will be happy forever. However, it seems like they will be crashing soon.

Before starting, let’s look at Liam and Hope’s story first. We know, Hope always mentioned that she wouldn’t tolerate dishonesty. But, Liam ended up lying about many things.

Liam’s Lies.

The first one was when he had a one-night stand with Steffy Forrester. And, Hope kicked Liam out of the house when she found the truth.

Likewise, Hope was afraid Steffy’s child’s father could be Liam. However, it turned out John Finnegan was the father which changed Hope’s heart.

Just when Hope let Liam return, he got involved in Vinny Walker’s hit-and-run case. Although Bill Spencer pushed Liam to keep quiet about the accident, he confessed it keeping Hope’s rule in his mind.

In addition, Liam got arrested and put in jail by Deputy Chief Bradley Baker. Still, Hope managed to find evidence by freeing Thomas Forrester from Justin Barber’s cage. Likewise, she was able to save Liam from spending almost a decade in prison.

Now that Hope and Liam are together, she still wants honesty in their relationship. However, problems arise as Hope can’t trust Liam properly after her trust got broken many times.

So, will Hope be able to tackle her trust issue now? Comment down below to let us know your thoughts.

Hope And Thomas?

On the other hand, Thomas still loves Hope. And if we turn back time, we know he committed many misdeeds because of his obsession with her.

Although Thomas realized his mistakes and mentioned changing, no one believed him. And recently, he proved himself.

Likewise, Thomas is fine with Hope being Liam’s and wants her to be happy. And, even if Hope is happy in Liam’s embrace, there is always a possibility Thope could happen.

However, only time can tell what will happen between Hope and Liam.

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