The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Hope Defends Dad- Claims Deacon's Innocence.
The Bold and The beautiful Spoilers

The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Hope Defends Dad- Claims Deacon’s Innocense.

It is possible that Hope Logan makes a small mistake down the road.

Hope really wants her relationship with Deacon Sharpe to work.

She can’t be happier that she has her dad in her life and their happier than ever.

And sometimes she might wish for her parents to be together she knows better than to force it, she respects her mother’s decision and happiness.

But, recently, Hope has not had much contact with her father due to things happening with her and her family, it’s a little overwhelming.

Yet, Sheila Carter’s storyline has finally started which means we might be seeing Deacon and Hope a little more.

Moving on, Deacon is already a target, it’s for certain that Steffy Forrester or someone will one way or the other figure out Deacon knows something about Sheila.

Maybe one of these days someone will find out that Deacon was living with Sheila at his apartment all along.

So, Hope may help clear her father’s name and prove his innocence.

It is always possible for Hope to lie on her father’ behalf and make up stories to make the cops and the detectives believe that Deacon is innocent and whatever.

But it is not like Hope to lie for someone, especially when they’ve committed a big crime.


So, there is another possibility that Hope may jump into.

Hope’s Next Mistake.

Maybe in the process of all this ordeal Deacon will make Hope believe that he really is innocent and has no idea what happened.

Or he may say that Sheila manipulated him or held him histage or all that jazz.

KNowing Sheila’s history is it not hard to believe that she would do something evil to get her way.

A woman who can shoot her own son and level him there to die will be able to do anything without hesitance.

So, it is possible for Sheila to manipulate Deacon and get her way.

Hope is known for always seeing the best in people, she even defended Thomas Forrester knowing what he’s capable of only to be proved wrong at the end.

And since we know that Sean Kanan signed a 2-year contract with the show, perhaps this is how he will escape his destiny and move on with his life.

What do you think about the situation?

Let us know down in the comments section.

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