The Bold and The beautiful Spoilers

The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Hope Drops Pregnancy Shocker On Christmas.

Christmas is the time of joy and love, and what better way to end the year and start one with one of the best announcements of all time in a soap series?

Well, this announcement can be a blessing and a curse, based on the situation.

However, it seems that what Hope Logan is going to say will be something everyone will be pretty happy to hear.

It’s time Hope had another baby with Liam Spencer, given the fact that Steffy Forrester has two too, and things happen accordingly in the soap series.

According to the spoilers, this Christmas, we will be seeing everyone together and happy.

And Liam is the one who will be giving all the cheesy speeches as well.

Taylor Hayes and Thomas Forrester might be the only ones not present on such a day.

Anyway, it is possible for Hope to reveal something exciting in the coming days.

Things have been going well for her and Liam.

They haven’t had a big setback since Liam slept with Steffy after misunderstanding Thomas and his mannequin.

Lope’s Big Announcement.

At the same time, Liam and Hope look very steamy together, too, for some time.

So, it’s possible that their rewarding year has brought them an even bigger reward.

Hope may have a bun in the oven and very happy to have a good beginning.

Beth Spencer’s birth was a very tragic one for Hope since she thought she gave birth to a stillborn.

Also, all that drama was very heartbreaking to watch so it will be good to see Hope give birth to a baby and hold the kid in her arms right after.

In the meantime, since Taylor’s not going to be in that episode, it is possible that Brooke Logan and Ride Forrester decide to be with one another.

Hence it will be two Christmas miracles in one.

Or it is also possible that Pam and Charlie finally decide to get married; it’s really long overdue.

And it would be an even bigger joyous occasion if all of the mentioned things happened.

But Bill Spencer might be the only one with little twisted games on his mind during all the celebrations.

But his evilness can wait for a while if he gets to hear the news of being a grandfather again.

So, do you think it’s possible for Hope to be pregnant?

Let us know your thoughts down in the comments section.

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