The Bold and The beautiful Spoilers

The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Hope Pulls Thomas On A Trap- Revenge For Brooke.

Hope Logan might be a sweet naive girl but she can be strong and ruthless if it means protecting her loved ones.

She knows better than anybody else how her mother, Brooke Logan has suffered ever since the New Year’s Eve drunken mistake.

However, Ridge Forrester and Brooke were finally moving on from that tragedy but all of a sudden, Ridge decides he doesn’t want to be with Brooke anymore.

That does sound suspicious.

With that in mind, in the upcoming days, very soon, we will witness Ridge finally coming clean about why he made his decision.

Brooke is going to be labeled a betrayer and a liar in front of everyone.

It is going to come as a surprise for Hope, Brooke, and everyone who is close to the woman.

Hope’s Plan.

Now, in the beginning, we may see Hope a little flustered, but she knows her other better than anyone else.

And so, soon enough, she may try to get to the bottom of the CPS call.

Soon enough, Thomas Forrester’s secret is about to blow up and when it does, Hope is not going to stand it.

Regardless of what happens, Hope may try to trap Thomas in some kind of way.

Perhaps Hope will find out the evidence herself and play Thomas to get a confession out of him while everyone’s watching.

You know how Hope has always been the goody shoes?

What the the writers make her a little twisted now?

What if she traps Thomas and tries to push him off a cliff or something.

Well, we know that is not Hope so perhaps the trap will stay in a closed space.

No matter what, Hope may start suspecting Thomas about framing Brooke.

Thomas is getting very worked on with Douglas Forrester for not deleting the voice changer app.

And it’s not that hard to put two and two together, this are pretty clear here.

So, Hope may think that this is her only chance on really finding out what happened and give her mother justice.

In the process, she may start acting close to Thomas so that she can get the truth out of him.

After the recent kiss attempt, Hope has reason to believe Thomas might not be that changed after all.

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