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The Bold and The beautiful Spoilers

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Hope Rescues Thomas.

We know that Thomas Forrester and Hope Logan have not had a fortunate history. However, Hope has found it in her heart to forgive Thomas.

Especially after all the effort he’s put into it. And not to mention that no matter what, he will never leave Douglas Forrester to suffer without his dad.

Even if he plans in runnning away, he will take Douglas with him. So, Hope finds it suspicious that Thomas is nowhere to be found. And right when Liam Forrester is jailed for Vinny Walkers death.

Okay so now, Hope is a very smart woman. Now hat she has no clue, it’s obvious for her to just sit and frantically get paniced.

She knows Thomas has not chosen to run away, and it only makes sense that something terrible hjas happened to him.

Therefore, when she voices out her concerns to Justin Barber, he can’t stay put. So, he will try to do what he’s best at.

Talking, of course. It’s his job anyway, talking and defending. The Bold and The Beautiful spoilers say that Hope will find this very suspicious how Justin is trying to talk his way out of Thomas’s conversation.

And while doubting, she decides to see what’s up. As they say, you can never be too cautious, right?

To Hope’s shock, she finds Justin running to Spencer Publication and she’ll find Thomas locked in the cage.

Furthermore, she can’t believe what her eyes just saw, but without panicking, she’ll wait for Justin to leave.

Justin Is Smarter?

And as soon as the villain leaves, Hope will make her way to Thomas. No one knows where Justin’s been, so she must free Thomas as soon as possible.

But Justin isn’t a man with no conscience. The worst comes to worst, he might have already noticed Hope following him and tried to lure her into the cell.

So that he can silence another person who suspects him. And will probably bring him to doom if not taken care of.

So the question remains, will Hope be able to save Thomas?

Or maybe, Hope gets locked in there too and then Ridge Forrester comes across and he’s the one to free the both of them.

Lastly, all of them will make their way to Wyatt and they’ll collect the evidence to bust him.

It would be better to see that they leave Thomas in the spot and come up with a plan. Lastly, ending it up with catching the man red handed when he’s about to do something wring again.

What do you say?

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