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The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: How Did Hope Prove Liam Was Innocent?

As The Bold and The Beautiful fans know, Hope Logan freed Thomas Forrester from Justin Barber’s cage. Also, the two even went straight to Deputy Chief Bradley Baker to reveal the truth. Since they don’t have the phone, how will they prove Liam is innocent?

Likewise, Justin had taken Thomas’ phone and deleted all the evidence. So, he wouldn’t just give the phone back even if Hope and Thomas came for it.

Noelle Explains.

However, Hope’s cast Annika Noelle mentioned that Hope and Thomas hadn’t thought it through. Also, Baker doesn’t believe in them without any evidence so it’s of no help.

Meanwhile, it seems like Ridge Forrester might have taken the phone when Justin visited him. Later, Justin forgot the phone in the office.

Nevertheless, Baker breaks it to Hope that she’s too late for Liam Spencer. And, she sees Liam being put into the van outside the prison. So, she explains everything in detail so that Baker believes her.

Moreover, Hope distracts Baker to buy some time so that the phone can arrive.

Lastly, Hope stops Liam from being transferred and the two reunite.

Hope’s New Decision?

On the other hand, Thomas proved himself and Liam can’t hate him anymore. As we know, Hope too hated Thomas in the past. But later, she realized that Thomas isn’t as her mother, Brooke Logan had told her.

In addition, Liam and Thomas could become great friends if Liam appreciates Thomas.

Talking about friends, Thomas’s best buddy, Vinny Walker threw himself in front of a car so that Thomas could be with Hope. And as heartbreaking as it is for Thomas, he will also realize that Vinny was mentally deranged.

Nevertheless, we can’t forget soaps aren’t smooth because a new drama always fires up. So, could Vinny’s last wish come true anyway?

Could Hope maybe choose Thomas over Liam now? Let us know what are your thoughts down in the comment section.

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