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The Bold and The beautiful Spoilers

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Important Events For The Week Of July 12.

Since The Bold and The Beautiful writers have finally decided to end all this Vinny Walker case. We believe the next week will be a start of something new.

But we still have Eric Forrester and Quinn Fuller’s case so we will have some kind of revenge going on. Anyway, this week we have some major unfoldings to do.

So, here we are, for your entertainment purpose. After the completion, we would love to hear what you’re most excited to see.

Main Events To Come.

First thing’s first Liam Spencer is out of the jail. All thanks to Hope Logan’s bravery and Thomas Forrester’s heroic move.

In the next news we have Justin Barber’s situation. He will most likely be fired and while it seems his time in the soap is over. He will move to join hands with Ridge Forrester. Or at least we hope so, I really liked the man you know.

Moving on, Eric will demand that Carter Walton represent him on the divorce in court. Talk about awkward lol.

Elsewhere, the only happy thing going on currently is Steffy Forrester and John Finnegan’s newborn baby. Which, for the love of god, the couple managed to make sexual.

Anyway, this happiness might end soon as Finn’s parents are onto Steffy.

And rumors has it, Qinn will be eyeing Finn’s dad to sleep with soon.

As the week pass by you will notice how dumb Justin acted as if he was begging to be found.

And another rumor has it, Carter and Justin will pair up. Which makes no sense but so did Quarter when the writers decided it.

Plus it’s soap opera anything is possible.

Hopefully, I would like to see the end of Eric and Quinn’s divorce this week.

It’s fun, Justin and Liam’s situation is getting too boring for now. Hence, I want to see what Carter plans to do. I mean if he is the lawyer representing Eric, he might even have to embarrass Quinn.

And we all know how much in love Carter is right now. And that love will make you do the stupidest mistakes.

Whatever, I leave all the critical work to you guys. But I just want this Vinny’s case done with. It’s getting utterly boring.

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