The Bold and The beautiful Spoilers

The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Is Brooke Going To Share Emma Barber’s Fate?

Brooke Logan is not in a good light here.

Thomas Forrester and Sheila Carter, both of the evil devils, are after her; Sheila not so much, but we know once she starts getting jealous, Brooke’s done for.

Anyway, Brooke might have to put up a fight if she wants to stay alive, given the severity of the situation.

Emma Barber’s story was tragic.

She was first accused of being the evil person trying to pry for her brother for the rival company.

And although she tried her best to clear her name, she was still not out of the woods.

However, Emma was the one who figured out that Steffy Forrester’s daughter was actually Hope Logan’s.

Hope had not given birth to a stillborn, but Thomas tried his best to corner Emma.

Yet, she was determined to not let Hope grieve for a baby that was alive.

Nonetheless, Thomas got to her first.

When Emma tried to get to Hope Thomas followed her in his car.

Sadly enough, Thomas managed to stun Emma by tailgating her and using the lights from his car to blind the poor girl.

Eventually, he rear-ended Emma and watched as her car burst into flames while laughing as Emma took her last breath.

Sheila is no different from Thomas, just recently she tailgated Li Finnegan and watched as her car went to flames and then onto the water.

Now, as we know, at the beginning of the year, Sheila made Brooke her target.

And then recently, she became Thomas’ target again.

While these two attacks were personal but not fatal, the next one might not be.

Brooke may not be so lucky the next time around.

Thomas is going nuts these days, and the more he fears his secret is about to come to light, the more he’ll make absurd, irrational decisions.

As for Sheila, she is obsessed with Deacon Sharpe currently, but his heart will always have Brooke on his number one.

That goes without saying, Brooke seems to have a lot bigger problem in her hand than worrying about her marriage.

So, what do you think?

Will Brooke face the same kind of fate Li or Emma faced from Thomas or Sheila?

Or will her threats be eliminated before anything worse than what has already occurred happens?

Let us know what you think down in the comments section.

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