bold and the beautiful spoilers
The Bold and The beautiful Spoilers

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Is Power The Only Thing That Justin Wants Or Is There More?

As The Bold and The Beautiful fans know, Justin Barber has been the protagonist in the show right now. And, Thomas Forrester got himself in trouble by trusting him blindly.

Likewise, Thomas found out that his best pal, Vinny Walker had committed suicide. Hence, he went to Justin and put all the evidence in his hands hoping he would free Bill and Liam Spencer. However, it turned out Justin had different motives and threw Thomas into a cage.

Currently, Justin has taken the throne at Spencer Publications. And as far as we know, he won’t give up the position easily.

Where Is Emma’s Justice?

However, one thing many fans are missing is the death of Justin’s niece, Emma Barber. Yes, we are talking about the woman Thomas had been chasing with his car. And, Emma’s car ran off the road and struck very hardly crushing her body into the airbags.

As creepy as it was seeing Thomas just stand by the road, the character never received justice. So, could Justin be up to all these schemes to get revenge as well?

Although Thomas hadn’t intended to kill Emma, he didn’t help poor Emma after the crash either. Meanwhile, Ridge Forrester went blind on his son’s guilt keeping it a secret.

Nevertheless, Emma was really liked by the fans for her good soul. But, Zoe Buckingham’s growing importance wrote her off the storylines.

Justin Deserves To Stay.

On the other hand, Justin has been loyal to Bill for more than a decade. And, he has also been taking care of all of Bill’s illegal mess risking his life and career. However, Bill never appreciated him enough and it was fine. But, Justin didn’t even get his rightful co-CEO position in the company.

So, we can see where Justin’s hate for Bill is coming from. However, Thomas knows the truth and he could free Bill from prison. But, he too has been locked up by Justin.

Therefore, Thomas is bound to get out of the cage one day and reveal the truth. But, let’s hope he goes easy on Justin as he has always tried his best. And, he doesn’t deserve to get written off.

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