The Bold and The beautiful Spoilers

The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Is Ridge Reedemable?

Ridge Forrester’s character has really become very unlikeable these days.

I mean all the waffling and whatnot, shifting from one woman to another as if he is on a roller coaster ride.

What he’s done to Brooke Logan this time is not excusable.

He should marry Taylor and settle for her at this point. ‘Because he really can’t make up for not telling Brooke the truth about the CPS call.

I mean, what is he going to say?

I was petty, so I didn’t tell you I was sure you called CPS.

Now we get it that when he heard the recording, the agent asked him to be discreet.

But he never had to disclose the fact that he had, in fact, heard her call CPS.

He just has to tell Brooke what he feels he knows, and then the rest could be taken from there.

We have to admit that Ridge has hurt a lot of people, and all because he was a coward.

He’s afraid to face the truth.

He is always involved in some kind of doofus mistake when he leaves Brooke and proposes to Taylor.

Honestly, it is not Brooke or Taylor’s fault; it is Ridge’s.

Redemption Is Done.

Really though, any grown-up man will learn not to make the same mistake twice, but Ridge is an exception; he never learns.

I mean, the recent thing on Brooke, how will Ridge make it make sense to her?

He refuses to let her know what exactly is wrong even when she begs and asks for it.

And then, he is about to continue revealing the truth to everyone else but the one person who deserves to know the truth.

And it is pretty sad to see that Ridge and Brooke when they get back together, will not have a conversation about it, which is even more disturbing.

Brooke will once again swipe Ridge’s garbage under a rug and forget that it even happened, and the same goes with Taylor.

Ridge is also lying to Taylor, no matter how much Taylor asks hi if Brooke has lied to him again and if that’s why he’s there, he just says he doesn’t want to talk about it.

Brooke deserves better.

And Taylor needs to stick to her decision from here and out.

If you ask me, I am going to say he is not redeemable anymore.

But this won’t matter in the end.

Lt us know what you think down in the comments section.

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