The Bold and The beautiful Spoilers

The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Is Thomas Evil or Mentally Ill?

After everything that has happened, we really have to ask this question, is Thomas Forrester evil or just ill?

I believe many fans will have their own way of taking Thomas’ situation in consideration.

Some may say he is mentally unstable but I think he is just evil.

Which to some extent can fall in the mentally ill category as well..

The last time Thomas went nuts, the writer tried to make it seem like it was a tumor on his brain that made him do all these things.

But that certainly was just an excuse.

To sum it up, in my opinion, Thomas is mostly evil and partly mentally ill.

I guess that sums up his situation pretty well.

As per my experience with a fair share of mentally ill people doing evil things, they have a pattern.

Thomas does not.

His dark side came back after Sheila Carter tricked Brooke Logan and damaged her marriage.

That is what he needed, ammunition or motivation that he got from Sheila.

Evil or Not?

Thomas’ memory might have been triggered due to that event and he went straight off.

And if you ask me, every evil to the extent of Thomas Forrester’s case is mentally challenged in some way.

But every mentally ill person is not evil, you get what I mean right?

Back to the show, the show told us that Thomas had some brain issue back in the day which was never clarified.

Hi treatments were only psychotherapy that too by his own mother which seemed to have stopped soon.

And honestly, it would be better if the show focused and let us know what exactly was or is wrong with Thomas too.

Also, most evil people who are not mentally ill are aware of what they’re doing and they plan it well beforehand.

But Thomas does not, he does things that he feels are right and is not himself when he is involved in being evil.

Moving on, Thomas has been evil to the point that he can never be redeemable too.

For example, what Thomas did to Emma was pure horror and then he even enjoyed her death scene right there.

So, I conclude that Thomas is partly evil and partly mentally unstable.

Either way, he is a menace to society and he should be either in jail or in a mental asylum.

What do you say?

Let us know done in the comments section.

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