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The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Justin Comes Out As The Biggest Villain.

Do you guys know what? It’s said that The Bold and The Beautiful soap finally has that bonafide bad guy. Yup, we were out of stock for quite a while now, so they just created one for us.

Vinny Walker’s case is just dumbfounding. I still can’t believe that he voluntarily took his life. Just so that his best pal Thomas Forrester could have a shot with his long-lost love Hope Logan.

The case though was very head-scratching. All the running and hiding. Bill Spencer not giving an F and just watching a guy die. It was all just bizarre. And honestly, I know, you guys too were trying to figure out what’s what.

But seems like all of this is finally gone to rest now that Liam Spencer and Bill have been released. Anyway so, I guess the last true villain in the soap was during the Summer of Sheila.

So, the producers and writers have given us Justin Barber, another true maniac, I guess or whatever.

We’ve said it a hundred times, and we will say it again. Justin was Bill’s most trusted right-hand man. Likewise, he did all sorts of deeds for his friend urf boss.

Could Justin Be Another Greatest Villian Of All Time?

I think, once we also spoke to you about how Justin needs a love interest of his own. If not, do let us know down in the comments section.

Anyway, but coming to a conclusion after his unpredictable turn of personality. It just seems like the man needs a target. And, we are all very aware that Justin has had enough of Bill’s bullshits thrown towards him. And him being treated like a peasant.

So, without any doubt, Bill is his first target. Moving on, some spoilers have suggested that to get up to Bill, he needs to have some other targets to set down.

And who better would it be than Ridge Forrester? Also, we’ve got to know that Justin has such a tempting gorgeous offer that Ridge will be sorry if he missed it.

But Ridge is a father before a businessman, so we just have to wait and see if he chives in and extends his arms to Justin.

Is Bill’s end near?

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