Bold and the beautiful spoilers
The Bold and The beautiful Spoilers

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Justin Is The Real Murderer – Liam Got Schemed?

As The Bold and The Beautiful fans know Liam Spencer was responsible for Vinny Walker’s hit-and-run case. Since he admitted his crime, he has been behind the bars. Moreover, Bill Spencer too got imprisoned trying to get his son out of prison.

However, we know it was skeptical how Vinny walked right in front of where Bill’s car was headed that night. Moreover, writers have left some crucial questions unanswered as it was more than just a coincidence how out of all cars in L.A, Liam was the one to run over Vinny.

Justin Schemed Bill And Liam?

Nevertheless, it seems like someone else was responsible for scheming the accident. And, The Bold and The Beautiful spoilers suggest the only imposter that could have schemed this is Justin Barber.

Likewise, Thomas Forrester might be close to catching the culprit. And, Justin might hold him captive which could prove really dangerous for him. However, the spoilers also suggest Vinny had something to tell him that night.

Hence, Thomas could unfold some big mysteries for which Vinny got lured into a trap. Also, he might discover why Justin latched into Vinny and killed him.

Meanwhile, Justin can’t get enough of feeling like the king at Spencer Publications. But, his time on the throne will come to an end soon as Thomas figures out the truth and confronts him.

Will Justin Confess?

In addition, the fans can expect a war between Thomas and Justin as both of them are not giving up easily.

Moreover, it seems like Justin is tired of being Bill’s puppet. And, he wants to run the company so he will lie to Bill and Liam that he has a plan to get them out. However, the two won’t be getting out until someone busts Justin and his scheme.

Although Thomas pushes Justin to confess to the authorities, Justin might hold him captive instead. Moreover, he might be thrown somewhere and hear out what Justin might do next.

So, it will be really interesting to see who will be the one to save Thomas.

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