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The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Justin Makes Moves To Earn Bill’s Trust?

As The Bold and The Beautiful fans know, Justin Barber isn’t the same person we knew a decade ago. That Justin was loyal, this one doesn’t even know what it means.

As we know, Justin bit the hand that fed him. Moreover, Justin betrayed Bill Spencer and let him languish behind bars. So, it seems like he will be using “loyalty” somewhere else to gain profit once again.

Before we dive deeper, do you think Justin might realize his mistake and return to Bill again? Let us know your thoughts down in the comment section.

Nevertheless, the spoilers suggest Justin will serve his loyalty to Ridge Forrester. And as long as Ridge saves Justin from getting arrested, he might stay loyal. But, can Justin stay loyal to someone for real?

We know, once feelings shatter, they keep on shattering again and again. So, Justin’s loyalty will be the same as he will keep on betraying now. And, it seems like he will be double-crossing Ridge.

Justin Repents.

Likewise, Justin plans to do something to Forrester Creations so that he can earn Bill again. However, it won’t be an easy task as Bill considered him his brother who broke his trust.

In addition, Bill has been hurting but we know that Justin is as well. And, deep down, Justin knows he has made a huge mistake. Also, all those steps he took to take over the throne at Spencer Publications were foolish.

Since Justin realizes his mistakes, he will be making a move to drag Ridge. Moreover, he could be doing so because Ridge and Bill are pure enemies.

Consequently, Bill could forgive Justin after seeing him make efforts. And, the two buddies can once again fight Ridge together.

However, only time can tell what Justin’s move will be over the Forresters.

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