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The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Justin Reappears For A Task – Rick The Savior Arrives.

The Bold and The Beautiful fans have been really curious to know what the show plans to do with Justin Barber. Ever since Thomas Forrester busted Justin and he pledged his loyalty to Ridge Forrester, actor Aaron D. Spears hasn’t appeared on-screen.

Also, we have much to talk about Jacob Young’s return as Rick Forrester. Moreover, Sheila Carter is bullying the Forresters and it’s time Rick returns home to protect his family. Also, he could come up with new exciting storylines regarding his love life and much more.

So, without further ado, let’s get right into the spoilers.

Justin Has Some Work To Do.

Starting with Justin, it’s been a few weeks since Spears mentioned his character would soon return to the show. Moreover, the show has been pretty busy with Sheila’s drama. Hence, other characters and their storylines have been neglected a little bit.

Likewise, Bill Spencer will soon reappear and make a request to Katie Logan. Moreover, the request will be about the two living together. That means, the show will slowly be focusing on other characters as well.

Justin could soon reappear as Ridge Forrester has a job for him. Ever since he became Ridge’s right hand, he hasn’t done any underhanded tasks. But, Ridge will soon have something for Justin like getting rid of Sheila.

Nonetheless, we can only expect Justin to be involved in illegal works as he did so for Bill in the past. Talking about which, he might also have his own plans for his former boss.

Rick Saves The Day.

On the other hand, the Forresters have been a mess. Eric Forrester’s erectile dysfunction is getting the worst of him. And, instead of relying on medications, he’s been telling his wife to sleep with another man.

Meanwhile, Brooke Logan is trying to take over Steffy Forrester’s position as the CEO. So, Ridge is having a hard time protecting his daughter’s position from his romantic partner. Also, he knows something is wrong with Eric so he can’t focus on handling the company.

Likewise, the Forresters are screaming for help and Rick could save his family. While he takes care of the company, he could also do something regarding Sheila.

Perhaps Rick might not be able to shut down Sheila but neutralize her. That is, he could be gentle towards her and show her some love that she has been craving ever since.

Nevertheless, do you want Young to return as Rick? Let us know your thoughts down in the comment section.

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