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The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Justin Wants To Go On A War With Bill?

The Bold and The Beautiful spoilers suggest Bill Spencer will receive a devastating blow. Meanwhile, Liam Spencer will finally be happy but who knows for how long.

Nevertheless, Liam finally got to embrace Hope Logan. And, it seems like he will be cherishing even the smallest things. Also, he mentions how putting his children to bed made him happy.

Likewise, Hope also tells Liam that Vinny Walker had taken his own life. As shocked as he is to hear it, he gets even more shocked when she reveals that Justin Barber betrayed Bill.

Moreover, Liam can’t fathom that the man his father loves so much betrayed him. Now, the rest depends on Bill on how he will take the truth.

Zende Kisses Paris.

On the other hand, Paris Buckingham is really confused about how so many things took place in her life in such a short amount of time. Firstly, Quinn Forrester and Carter Walton’s truth getting out.

Now, Bill and Liam are back when it just felt like yesterday they were arrested. Also, Paris tells Zende Forrester that she is really happy for everyone.

Meanwhile, Zende is wondering when Zoe might return from Europe. But, we know it won’t be anytime soon. Also, Zoe tells him about the whole Quinn and Carter thing.

Likewise, it seems like a burning romance will start between the two as Zende kisses Paris. Although Zende admits him finding Zoe attractive, he didn’t have any intention of throwing everything with her.

Thomas Reveals To Bill.

Nevertheless, Bill receives the shocking news from Thomas right when he is hugging Katie Logan. Moreover, Thomas starts by revealing the short version of what had happened to Vinny.

Right when Thomas gets onto Justin kidnapping him, Justin arrives. Although Bill thinks it’s Thomas who is scheming this, Justin admits that he had actually done everything as Thomas said.

We know that means, Justin wants to go on a war with Bill. Even though Bill might take a moment to take this all in, he will soon be filled with a wraith. So, the fans can expect a big brawl between the two.

Do you think Justin has more plans for Bill? Comment down below to let us know your thoughts.

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