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The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Katie Could Be Donna And Eric’s Matchmaker?

The Bold and The Beautiful spoilers suggest it’s time Eric Forrester finally opens up to someone. Moreover, the lucky person will be Katie Logan who finds out what decision Eric made regarding Quinn Fuller and Carter Walton.

Likewise, this could also help Donna Logan regain her connection with Eric. Moreover, Katie could use the secrets to push Donna and Eric together. Also, things might get better for everyone if this turns real.

Eric Opens Up.

As we know, Eric has isolated himself from everyone else. Even his wife didn’t know he had erectile dysfunction. And, he only revealed it when he requested a reunion. Moreover, Quinn was ready to have a romantic night with her husband.

However, Eric pretended to fall asleep instead and skipped the night. And, he only revealed his medical crisis the next day.

Nonetheless, Katie has tried to pry on Eric’s life many times just like Ridge Forrester. But this time, Eric might cooperate and tell Katie what’s been bothering him for so long. And, he will also confide in her about how he found out Quarter’s fling.

In addition, Katie will be a good listener and be sympathetic towards Eric. Also, she will keep on thinking of ways to get Donna laid with Eric. And, things could get better if the plan proves successful.

While Quarter can keep on going, Eric will have someone to fill him. And, Donna’s long-time desire will come true as well.

Deric For The Win?

The fans know how the Logan sisters have been sharing with each other in the past couple of weeks. While Donna shared her dream of being with Eric, Katie spoke about how her relationship with Bill Spencer is going.

Likewise, Donna has proven already how much she wants to be with Eric. Moreover, restoring the relationship with her ex-husband is all Donna wants.

Nevertheless, Donna was also really close to being with Eric. But, Eric made the shocking decision of forgiving Quinn.

However, the good thing is that Queric isn’t working out. And, Donna might just fit in Eric’s place. Moreover, she could be everything Eric wants. They can have a good emotional connection as well as have a hot steamy romance.

Yes, Eric has his medical crisis that has stopped him for so long. But, who knows when a miracle could happen or he starts taking medication?

So, do you think Eric and Donna should get into a relationship? Comment down below to let us know your thoughts.

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