The Bold and The beautiful Spoilers

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Katie Rejects Bill Again- Erases Remaining Hope From His Heart.

As The Bold and The Beautiful fans know, Bill Spencer is both devastated and furious about getting dumped.

And seeing Bill’s poor mental state, Katie Logan will soon come over to comfort him.

However, Bill will expect too much and Katie won’t have any other option than to let him down once again.

Nevertheless, the guy doesn’t have anywhere else to go either because Brooke Logan, on the other hand, has set foot on an independent path.

So despite all the rejections, Bill will keep pursuing Katie.

Whereas Liam Spencer won’t be able to help but worry about his father and the sword necklace even more.

Bill’s Selfish Desire.

Getting into the spoilers, we all know Bill shows his vulnerable yet evil side only when he is heartbroken.

And, Katie will surely get worried as she’s never seen the guy in such a poor state.

Hence, the upcoming episode seems to be full of Katie’s consolation which only makes things worse.

Above all, the only thing Bill wants to hear at the moment is Katie telling him there’s still a chance for them to fix things.

But certainly, that’s only going to be a dream that never comes true.

Not to mention, Katie might also see what Bill’s really after and erase the little hope that was already fading away from his heart.

One Last Time.

Nonetheless, unlike Bill, Liam knows there’s no going back for his father and Katie.

And, the guy will only fret over the disaster that might take place soon.

That is, he has been panicking ever since he saw the sword necklace.

Hence, when Katie’s action leaves Bill even more broken, things are going to get worse.

Also, let’s not forget how Katie might move on soon thanks to her infatuation with Carter Walton right now.

But, Bill doesn’t have the same luxury, as there’s no place for him in Brooke’s life.

So, the upcoming storylines could be all about Bill’s transformation once he gets rejected for the last time.

And, fans better prepare themselves, as Bill’s reign of terror is going to frown upon the show quickly.

Well, how long do you think will Bill be able to hide his sinister side for?

Let us know your thoughts down in the comment section.

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