The Bold and The beautiful Spoilers

The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Katie’s Health Complication- Asks Carter To Be Will’s Legal Guardian?

Normally, The Bold and The Beautiful does not bring old memories to light if it doesn’t have anything to do with the upcoming storyline.

Which is why we believe Katie Logan may be getting a big one in the coming future.

Recently, when Carter Walton and Brooke Logan spoke to one another about Katie, Brooke revealed she’s protective of her sister in more than one way.

Which opened the door for Katie’s heart transplant storyline.

Storm Logan died for his sister, he took a gun and shot himself so that Katie could have his heart and live instead.

That storyline was very painful and not just the viewers even the characters of the storyline don’t talk about it.

Until recently, so that might be hinting to something.

Katie’s Setback.

In the same way, in the upcoming episode, we will most likely see Katie and Brooke talking some deep-rooted things.

Brooke will share her decision to be free and out of Ridge Forrester’s life along with her new friendship with Taylor Hayes.

At the same time, Katie will also have something to share about Bill Spencer who’s trying to ruin Katie’s new found happiness.

Katie wants to move forward but it seems she’s been walking backward by the look of it.

Katie also has yet to reveal what her worst nightmare is.

And we guess that she’s scared of dying.

Brooke talking about Katie’s transplant and Katie’s conflicting situation does not seem to be a mere coincidence to me.

So, it is possible that Katie will fall in a grave health crisis which will stress her even more.

She may fear that Will Spencer will be left alone without a mother if anything is ever to happen o her.

And as she worries for the uncertain future, she may have some complications with the heart and transplant.

She’s certainly going to freak out.

This will intensify her feelings toward her loved ones, but she may refuse to choose to be with any one of the two men.

They’re trying their hardest to be with her, but she may feel like she’s dying.

She may even want Carter to be the legal guardian for Will if he is up to it.

The bottom line is that Katie may get an alarm about her degrading health issues.

And we don’t know if she will be able to make it this time or not.

So, let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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