bold and the beautiful spoilers
The Bold and The beautiful Spoilers

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Kiara Barnes’ Sad Departure.

Yes, Zoe Buckingham caused some ruckus during her time in The Bold and The Beautiful. But she also went out with a heartbreak.

And everyone of us will miss her. Although we were expecting an explosive departure, Kiara Barnes departured rather in a cool and calmed persona. Though she had an unsettling heartbreak.

Yesterday, The Bold and The Beautiful showed Zoe’s final episode. And after the end of the episode, Lawrence Saint Victor aka Carter Walton went to Instagram. And shared a heartfelt goodbye post.

He wrote,

“Big shout out to my homie @kiarabarnesofficial. This pic was taken right after the last scene we filmed together,” Saint-Victor shares. “I have to tell you, the challenge of telling a love story, creating Chemistry, and building romance was extremely difficult. During a global pandemic where we had to be 8 feet away from each other for most of our story. But knowing we had each other’s backs, and that we can rely on each other, built so much trust, and such a fun and creative environment.”

Goodbye Lawrence; Hello Adain.

It certainly is bittersweet to bid Zoe a goodbye after almost three years. However, she is now a lead character in a new upcoming drama series.

So, as Kiara bids Lawerence and her former soap fiance goodbye. She welcomes a new family into her acting world. Moreover, in Fantasy Island, Kiara is seen with Adain Bradley.

Let us know down in the comments how excited you are for the upcoming series?

Also, don’t you think it’s weird how Paris Buckingham is in more distress? All in all, the woman could just not care at all. But she was so sad and distressed having to share the infidelity news to her sister.

And all Zoe did was, oh alright, so I’ll just go and maybe think. That’s all?

The departure certainly was dissapoinitng. Let’s see how it could have gone like.

After hearing the news, Zoe could fume with anger. Then, she would give Jeeves to stop by Carter’s place. And, give the cheating man a big slap on his face.

Furthermore, she could then give Quinn Fuller a call. And could just give Quinn some salty words. And then her scene could end in peace as she heads to the airport.

Seriously, Bradley Bell, you owe us a do over. You didn’t just do us fans dirty you also did Kiara dirty with this meh ending.

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