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The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Kiara Is Leaving The Show – What About Her Character?

As The Bold and The Beautiful fans know, many characters from the show have traveled back and forth between its sister show, The Young and The Restless.

Nevertheless, there have been many reasons for the characters to do so. Sometimes, it’s because their casts can’t properly appear in one show. And the other times, it has also been because fans have complained how their storyline hasn’t been fruitful.

Likewise, this time it’s Zoe Buckingham whom the fans have complained many times about.

Before we dive deeper, let us know what do you think about Zoe? Do you want her to stay or make a new appearance?

Kiara Will Leave The Show?

Starting with Zoe’s cast, Kiara Barnes, she announced leaving The Bold and The Beautiful as she found a new place in the show Fantasy Island. Her role will be of Ruby Okoro, a young woman who has a terminal illness. And, after receiving a new lease, she arrives at Fantasy Island.

So, if Kiara is leaving the show, what will be of her character?

As we know, Zoe first appeared on the show in 2018 and has been played by Kiara Barnes. Moreover, she has been known for her chaotic love triangles. Also, she holds a reputation for intervening in other character’s storylines.

However, Zoe hasn’t been cherished for any of her roles in the show. And, fans have complained about Zoe on social media that she would be better sent back to England.

Meanwhile, fans also dislike Zoe’s relationship with her sister, Paris Buckingham. Also, they have been complaining that the show should end her storyline by maybe sending her off to prison for hiding Hope Logan’s baby.

How Does Zoe’s Storyline End?

Likewise, many fans are suspecting Zoe could be killed off. So, is that a good guess?

As we know, Zoe’s partner, Carter Walton cheated on her with Quinn Forrester. However, Carter lied to her that he cheated with Shauna Fulton to save her friendship with Quinn.

So, the chances are Zoe will find out the shocking truth. And, as she can’t keep control, she might run off to somewhere else. Moreover, she might leave Los Angeles after dumping Carter.

Otherwise, Zoe could also get in an accident which ends her life.

Nevertheless, one way or other, Kiara’s character will be written off. And, only time can tell what will happen.

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