The Bold and The beautiful Spoilers

The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Li Finnegan’s Secret Attack- Won’t Let Sheila Harm Finn Anymore.

We haven’t really seen much of Li Finnegan after the incident with Sheila Carter.

She did have some kind of spark with Bill Spencer but it seems that storyline has been ditched and we’re moving forward with a more sinister Bill now.

But it’s not Bill we are here to talk about today.

We’ve already seen how crazy Li can be when it comes to her son.

She was so adamant about saving her boy that as a medical professional who’s supposed to know brain dead means he’ll never be alive anymore.

She still gave it her all to save him, and she succeeded.

So, she will not let that woman take her son away from her again.

Everyone knows how crazy Sheila is for John Finnegan.

Sheila claimed that Finn is all she wanted.

Li did have some reasons to be bitter toward Sheila, but she was extra careful and snarly near her; a mother’s instincts are always on point.

And now that Sheila is back, she definitely won’t be able just to watch her son walking in one of Sheila’s webs.

She needs to be there to save her son.

Honestly, though, if she kept Finn alive after such a big incident, she will do whatever it takes to keep him healthy and fine as is.

So that being said, Li may start planning and scheming to catch Sheila.

This time, everyone is uniting to have Sheila caught.

So, all Li will have to do is give things a small nudge and push while everyone else teams up to take the mad woman down.

Li’s Battle.

Whatever the case, once Sheila flees, Li may start getting even more anxious.

She knows what Sheila is capable of, she was a victim of Sheila’s evil tricks herself.

So, Li may decide to hunt that woman on her own no matter what it takes.

And surprisingly, Li may win too.

It may be Li who will save Finn and Steffy Forrester all over again.

Well, Steffy was not her miracle but still, if she hadn’t kept Finn alive, Steffy would have been dead inside a long time ago.

Nonetheless, this time Li may plan against Sheila.

She may feel like she can’t let Sheila win no matter what.

So, for the sake of her son and grandson, Li may give her all to catch Sheila.

But she is likely to get injured pretty badly, maybe even fatally.

So, let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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