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The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Liam Has A Favor For Thomas – Paris Begged To Stay Silent?

As we know, Liam Spencer is spending his time in prison after he admitted his crime of running over Vinny Walker. And, it seems like Thomas Forrester will pay him a visit.

Likewise, Thomas and Vinny were best friends so he wants to know if what Liam said about it being an accident was true. However, Liam will apologize and confirm it was an accident.

Nevertheless, The Bold and The Beautiful spoilers suggest Thomas is still confused about what happened. Moreover, he sees that Liam is trying to pay for what he did but doesn’t want Bill Spencer to pay for anything.

Also, it seems like he needs a favor from Thomas. And it could be asking Thomas to look after Hope and their children. Likewise, it seems like Thomas will agree to his request and be there for Kelly Spencer whenever she needs her father.

Zoe Begs Paris To Stay Quiet?

Meanwhile, other spoilers suggest Quinn Forrester has been scared after finding out Paris Buckingham knows her secret. And, no one else is to blame except herself as she was the one who kept on bringing that topic in office.

And, Zoe will talk with Shauna Fulton who mentions trying to keep Paris quiet. However, it turned out to be a failure as Zoe Buckingham walked right in during their conversation.

On the other hand, the two sisters are together and Zoe is confused why Paris isn’t happy for her. And, Paris mentions she has something to talk about Quinn and Carter Walton. But, Zoe assumes it’s about Quinn knowing Carter slept with Shauna.

Also, Zoe says her good friend Quinn would have told her the secret. However, she tells Paris to just be happy for her. And, it’s time Paris gets back to work and decides to tell the truth next time.

Later, Quinn tells Paris she knows she overheard her conversation. However, she mentions both she and Carter feel guilty. And, she doesn’t want Paris to tell Zoe the truth. She also mentions Carter is committed to Zoe and wants to be with her again.

Nevertheless, Wyatt Spencer still can’t believe his father and brother got arrested for hit-and-run. Although Flo Logan mentions it was an accident, Wyatt thinks it’s skeptical as Vinny ran in front of Liam’s car out of any other car in L.A.

Do you think someone planned the accident to frame Liam? Comment down below to let us know your thoughts.

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