The Bold and The beautiful Spoilers

The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Liam Saves The Day- Taylor and Brooke’s Decision.

The Bold and The Beautiful spoilers for Thursday, December 15, reveal that Liam Spencer will have to calm his wife and ex-wife.

Likewise, Ridge Forrester will listen as Taylor Hayes, and Brooke Logan reveal what they’ve decided.

To begin with, Ridge has been having his way for god knows how long.

And with some detective work, it seems likely that Taylor and Brooke have decided they’ve had enough.

Although it’s not confirmed yet, it seems likely that they’ll tell Ridge he can’t choose anymore because he can never commit.

I mean, when he came back and the first he said was that he missed the both of them, it answered a lot of my questions.

So, we do have to wait a little more to see what’s actually going to happen with the three of them but that’s my guess for now.

Liam’s Intrusion.

At the same time, Hope Logan and Steffy Forrester are at the start of a fight taking their mothers at the design office.

And Liam Spencer will walk right on it.

It’s weird how the writers try to put someone in some kind of awkward position as such.

But even Liam may agree that Brooke and Ridge are destiny.

And besides, he chooses Brooke every time in the end.

But he may not agree to that and just want the two ladies to calm down at first.

Just like their mothers, Steffy and Hope did come through a mutual understanding of what had actually happened.

And both of them do not condone Thoams Forrester’s evil behavior.

But the clash of opinion sticks as they both support their own mothers with Ridge.

So, Liam will have to play the peacemaker and, in between, get sucked into the fight.

They may ask him to pick a side or not, but Liam’s going to be careful.

After all, both of them are mothers to his daughters.

But also, does this peacemaking indicate that we will be seeing the comeback of this love triangle again?

Because I surely don’t want to watch that again.

What about you?

Do you believe that acting as a mediator is only a plan for the writers to start a love war between the three of them?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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