bold and the beautiful spoilers
The Bold and The beautiful Spoilers

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Liam Sentenced To Long Time In Prison.

Deputy Chief Bradley Baker has come to deliver another crushing news. Liam Spencer will not be able to handle this information and neither will Bill Spencer or Hope Logan.

Liam is struggling with the fact that he might never get to see his family again when on county jail. But now that he’s moved from County Jail to a permanent jail.

However, the real reason behind why Liam is filling the permanent prison remains unknown. While it can also be a move Justin Barber took.

But, by the looks of it, it also seems like overcrowding might be a possibility. However, there’s something that Justin has played in it.

Meanwhile, Hope is doing anything she can to free Liam out of his misery. In the midst of helping her husband, Hope will find Thomas Forrester locked in the cellar.

She’ll discover what happened to her friend and will try her best to get him out. So Justin will get busted in no time. This means that one thing will worsen while the other will get better.

And the good part, these two thing are co-related. So, there’s bound to be some progress at least.

Justin Time!

It seems we will get to see Liam’s name cleared in The Bold and The Beautiful soon. However, it’s still intriguing to me that the plot isn’t stretched more because you know how it goes with these soap operas and back luck series.

Elsewhere, Wyatt Spencer can’t believe what Justin just did. His legal actions seem to incompetent now and Wyatt is frustrated.

Things are still not looking fine in for Liam though. Because, he is already panicking and, well, the though of ending up in the prison forever. He’s certainly facing some traumas here.

And since Wyatt too finds it weird that Justin is acting weird, we might get some lead with Wyatt as well. The possibilities are always so low you know.

Also, I thought Ridge Forrester was supposed to help his son out. But it turns out it’s Hope who’ll play the rescuer?

Whatever the case, in the week of July fifth to ninth, you will be seeing something very intense says The Bold and The Beautiful.

So let us know your thoughtd in the comments and watch out for bthe new week in B&B.

Lastly, it seems like Justin will be the new Thomas. You know with all that “now I’m evil, and now I’m not” plot that’s supposed to happen.

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