bold and the beautiful spoilers
The Bold and The beautiful Spoilers

The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Liam Wasn’t The One Behind Vinny’s Accident?

The Bold and The Beautiful spoilers suggest some shocking revelations will come out soon. As we know, Liam Spencer admitted his crimes for hitting Vinny Walker with his car. In addition, Bill Spencer later came into the hopes of freeing his son but ended up getting imprisoned together.

However, the spoilers suggest that someone else is responsible for killing Vinny. Moreover, Thomas Forrester might be the only one who can break the case. And Thomas could possibly get Liam and Bill out of the jail.

Thomas Gets Abducted?

However, it could also prove really dangerous to Thomas as the killer could target him to hide the truth. So could he end up getting kidnapped?

Nevertheless, he might go missing for a while and nearing his end. But we know how the show likes to play around so, he might be saved at the last moment and recover in the hospital.

On the other hand, Thomas getting late for work and miss his schedule with Douglas Forrester could raise suspicions in Hope Logan. And, she could be the one to investigate where he is and if he has been injured.

As time passes, she might get more worried and she might get help from Ridge and Steffy Forrester. Moreover, she might also bring authorities for help and save Thomas in the end.

Meanwhile, Hope could also be the only one helping Douglas to search for his missing dad.

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