The Bold and The beautiful Spoilers

The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Location Shoot- Bridge’s Paris Wedding.

Location shoot is one of the favorite things of the viewers in The Bold and the Beautiful.

But location shoot with some amazing weddings is something that keeps us waiting as well.

Ever since Ridge Forrester gave Brooke Logan that annulment paper, we knew they would get married again.


Our first guess was that Brooke and Ridge would get married at the same time Taylor Hayes and Ridge were to marry.

But that turned out to be wrong.

But, there is a  big chance that Ridge will choose his destiny, Brooke, over Taylor.

After all, all of us know Taylor deserves better than a man who runs toward her when he feels something strange from his relationship.

Nonetheless, right now, Ridge is someplace trying to clear his head and get his facts straight.

Brooke made it clear to him that if he is unable to commit to her altogether, she’d rather be heartbroken and alone.

So, it is possible that in some way.

Brooke makes her way to where Ridge is, and they decide to get married there.

But as per the spoilers, it looks like Ridge still has some waffling to do.

Which also means that there will be no reconciliation whatsoever soon.

Way To Paris.

Also, the show’s producers and writers also told us that they’re trying to have more location shoots this time in the soap series.

So, it makes perfect sense if Bridge decides to get married in the most romantic city in the world.

Yes, that’s right, Paris.

Now that Sheila Carter’s secret is out. it will be pretty hard for anyone to enjoy their times as normal people. ‘They’re going to be anxious about her all the time.

Hence, it may take a while for this love triangle to settle down as well. ‘

And by the end, when everything regarding Seila and Thomas is over.

Wouldn’t we all love to go to Paris from our homes with Ridge, Brooke, and probably some other cat members for their wedding?

After all, they have to get married. And Eric Forrester’s mansion has already turned into a chapel a couple of times.

So, I certainly would love something fresh for the couple who’s renewing their vows and hoping for a fresh new start.

What do you say?

Let us know your thoughts down in the comments section.

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