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The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Paris Holds Control Of Quinn And Carter?

As The Bold and The Beautiful fans know, Quinn Forrester has been having sleepless nights after finding out Paris Buckingham knows the truth. So does Carter Walton have a solution for this or should they just reveal it?

Nevertheless, Paris is a new employee at Forrester Creations and always has a smile on her face. However, she recently got the power over Carter and Quinn who are in high positions.

After Zoe Buckingham got filled with lies that Carter cheated with Shauna Fulton, Quinn’s relationship with Eric Forrester was saved. Later, Carter proposed to Zoe in order to make things right and since then, she has been flying with joy.

Meanwhile, Eric believes his soul mate is committed to him. Although he is really happy, finding out the truth means he won’t forgive Quinn. Also, he could kick her out.

Quinn Begs Paris?

Although Shauna tried to keep Paris quiet, it didn’t work out. And, Quinn rushed to her and begged to keep quiet. Also, it’s understandable as Eric can’t forgive her for this mistake.

Likewise, Quinn and Carter have been panicking. And, this secret needed to be “taken to the grave” but Paris might not be able to do so.

Moreover, the two don’t stand a single chance against Paris. And if this keeps on going, she could blackmail them by blabbing about the truth any time.

Could it be that Paris speaks out the truth which ends Quinn’s life. Since Quinn won’t have anything to care about anymore, she will get back to her dark side. Moreover, could she start a revenge scheme to destroy Paris’s life?

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